10 Best Reasons Why You Should Use Gmail Instead of Any Other Email Provider

on 2013, ToolsOctober 8th

I just wrote my dad an email with 10 reasons why this marketer thinks his old man should use gmail over any other email provider and I figured I should share them here in case anyone else has that problem as well.

1. It can easily transfer all your old emails/contacts to your new gmail account. (See: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/164640?hl=en&rd=1)
2. When you eventually do start looking for work again, you’ll seem younger and more technologically savvy. Look at this study here: http://blog.hunch.com/?p=34824
3. You are able to send us chat messages over the web in real time.
4. Can use it to send text messages to people’s cell phones
5. Upload all of your contacts with phone numbers and once you finally get a smart phone they’ll all be there for download.
6. Contains a video chat feature if you ever wanted to use it.
7. Has the best spam filtering of any email client I’ve used (and I’ve used them all in marketing)
8. 15 GB free storage for photos, password docs, etc. (and you can use it to send larger attachments (still with some limitation, though))
9. Using the power of google search you can easily find anything in your inbox
10. It contains a calendar that can remind you of birthdays or anything else

Did I convince you? You can sign up for a free gmail account at gmail.com

Did I miss anything? Please feel free to leave your advice or recommendations in a comment below!