Music Track: 1st Rendered Music Track

on 2005, Blog, MusicJune 21st

After spending so much time editing video to music I started to pick up music production. Quite ironic since my film mentorship actually started as a music editing mentorship before deciding quickly that I’d rather learn film. One of the last thing I remember my instructor telling me was how “they’re both the same”…

A couple years later but now intrigued, I wanted to spend a weekend learning how to compose music with the (now) dinosaur music composition software – Fruity Loops. Unfortunately my weekend session turned into a month obsession as i found fruity loops to be a somewhat awkward or buggy program (err, at least my cracked version was).

None-the-less “1st Rendered Music Track” was the foundation to my new passion – music. Way ahead of it’s time as it was composed in 2005, “1st Rendered Music Track” is still one of my favorite experiential electronica tracks.

[audio:ntho-1st-rendered song-062105.mp3]


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