WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Websites

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Here is a screenshot of the WordPress plugins I am currently using and recommend for Ecommerce websites.  Your comments and suggestions are gladly welcomed. 🙂

Also, I recommend checking out these helpful resources:

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  • Since I’ve posted this I’ve stopped using wp-shopping-cart and have instead switched over to ecwid.com. Yea, yea you will read all over the web that wp-shopping cart is “the most robust” with many options, but nonetheless with all those extra bells and whistles comes a very buggy plugin. I was contsntly having problems with shipping, taxes, coupon codes, discounts and even integrating paypal and google checkout. Several times I had come back to the website only to find checkout has stopped working. tisk, tisk…

    I have since moved our online shopping cart over to ecwid and have been very happy. The design is slick and is easily integrated into my website via embed buttons. All of the inventory and information is kept up to date at ecwid.com, and updating that information once in ecwid.com updates it everywhere in my site. I’m able to set inventory, shipping and taxes, upload multiple photos, set variables (ie small, medium, large, etc.) and even print invoices. Although ecwid prides themselves on keeping a simple yet powerful online shopping cart the one thing I would like to see are coupon codes, which the forum claims is coming. They have a wordpress plugin but honestly their service is so thought through, it’s not even necessary.

    I am very happy with switch and would definitely recommend ecwid.com if you’re running an online shopping cart.