2011 Mountain Dew, Taco Bell & Frito Lay QR Code Case Studies & Campaign Statistics

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Recently Mountain Dew, in collaboration with Taco Bell and Frito Lay, have promoted a few QR Code campaigns and I’ve noticed that their statistics are publicly available online through bit.ly.  When analyzed properly, you are you are able to determine how well their QR Code campaign performed, and how well a similar QR Code campaign might perform.



One of their recently ended other promotions, Mountain Dew and Frito Lay ‘Real Fans’ QR Code sweeps, encourages you to enter their sweeps by scanning the qr code on the Frito Lay in-store POP display.  When you scan the qr code it pulls up the following bitly link where you can register.  I thought this was especially interesting for the mobile sweepstakes registration process and the fact they use bitly.  http://bit.ly/cOiLYV?r=qr You can reference the Real Fans Sweepstakes Official Rules for more information.






You can access the analytics to the QR code by deleting the ‘?’ character in the link and all characters thereafter, and adding a plus-sign at the end of the link (ex. http://bit.ly/cOiLYV+ )  By accessing the analytics from the bit.ly link you see when scanning the QR Code, you can see that the promotion ended with 3,208 total ‘clicks’, and 36,196 of those were from actual QR code scans in the US. During it’s prime (Feb-March) it averaged about 40 clicks a day when broadcast on a national scale.

After taking into account basic conversion rates, you can defer the registration success rate they most likely experienced.  With a conversion rate of 50% they gained 1,500 entries, of 33% = 1,000 entries, 25% = 800 entries, 15%=480 entries, etc.



Check out further statistics about this promotion at http://bit.ly/cOiLYV+
Another promotion featuring Mountain Dew, this time partnering with Taco Bell, is greenlabeldownload.com, a Mountain Dew and Taco Bell branded music label music download center which offers free downloads of popular music songs like Chromeo’s “Night by Night”. The promotion has already received 197.106 clicks since March 23rd, which leads me to believe people are more likely to scan a QR code to download free music as opposed to entering a sweepstakes.  On a Taco Bell cup vs on an in-store POP is not exactly apples to apples, but it’s a good start.

How does it work?

Buy a Large Fountain Drink between 4/6/11 and 6/26/11, and use your smartphone to scan the QR code located on the cup. When you scan the code with your QR reader or visitwww.greenlabeldownload.com, you will be taken to a page where you can listen to songs and watch videos from a specially selected Mtn Dew Green Label Sound™ artist. Songs will also be available for download.




View more stats at http://bit.ly/dLwTuz+ You can also view more about the Taco Bell and Mountain Dew promotion and rules at http://www.tacobell.com/promo/mdfaq (FYI, really cool website logo btw, roll over the taco “bell” and the bell tolls and moves).


All of the most recent Mountain Dew QR Code campaignns can be seen at the Mountain Dew bit.ly account titled ‘gmrm’ which appears to be mostly a Mountain Dew marketing account, used for marketing partner promotions.


Hopefully these stats can help you defer what a similar QR code campaign run on a National scale might perform, and through inductive reasoning be able to assume how different QR code campaigns might perform right now in the US with different variables.


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