A N.O.E.L. by NTHO

on 2006, Blog, DreamsDecember 25th

A N.O.E.L. by ntho

…an original poem by anthony cerreta


As I lay and I pray on this gorgeous Christmas day, I sit and I quip about the many gifts you graciously gave everyday and when I say that I think and I lay it’s actually hard to say the things to say about what I really wanted anyway.

None-the-less I feel blessed as you hold me day by day, all through the day, dark or grey, either way my sight that day. And oh the soothing things you say to ease my pain like the rain that washed the same type of grimy dirt away, it all away, and as I pray that I’ll never stray, I’ll never forget how you stayed, and that I take it with me day by day, each and everyday all in despite of what they say I pray that I’ll take that with me everyday.

Only I hope I make you proud, proud enough to keep a tight hold of me in spite that quite some time I just might break sight of what’s really right or what is wrong between this song of this light in which we call life.

Either way in spite the day I hope I say that I’m never quite so lonely if only you hold me, you can shoulder me and console me, love me and sometimes scold me, but never leave me and always hold me, for when you hold me I’m never lonely, never truly lonely, and when I am ever lonely I know it’s only forlornly.

Lastly that I’m sorry, I’m really sorry – I really try, I swear I try and I sigh that I try maybe too hard just to get by, with the rest of the west who’s the best like the rest, but I sigh that I’m not perfect, and often ponder why I can’t be perfect and what’s my purpose on the celebrated birth of your Son Jesus and my savior and messiah to you my Lord, my King of Most High.

But despite all the spry I realize that my sighs may actually and most importantly be blessing’s in disguise and then want to thank you for my demise as I quickly realize that You are far more clever than I could ever be of that wise if I tried.

Your sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers who try, I hope for this to also be their cry even if spoken through my sly. Because my brothers and sisters who sigh similarly to these sighs, try really hard too and I can sometimes see it in their eyes, despite their actions or their tries, although I’m sure you know quite far more about this trite than I, we love you, deeply love you, and please at least forgive those who truly try…