Best Tips for Marketing to Baby Boomers Online in 2011

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Lately, I've been doing a lot of research geared toward online and digital shopper marketing targeted that is targeted toward the baby-boomer generation and have compiled the The Best Tips for Marketing to Baby Boomers Online in 2011.  I wanted to share the shopper marketing research with you here in case there are any tips for marketing to baby boomers that I'm missing.

Also attached is some digital shopper marketing research and case-studies which I've also found particularly helpful.

Hope you enjoy and if I'm missing anything – share!  What tips have you found helpful in selling targeted at seniors? (besides not calling them "seniors" 😛 )

Tips-For-Marketing-To-Baby-Boomers-Online-2011.docx Download this file

digitalshoppermarketingtheshopperperspective.pdf Download this file

ShopperStructureHubSept_Oct2008.pdf Download this file

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Booz_Ci_GMA_Shopper_Marketing_3.0.FIN_LR.PDF Download this file

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