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ntho’s Stars

on 2014, MusicApril 13th

Some of my favorite music on Spotify…

Google Adwords 2014 April Fool’s Day Prank

on 2014, BlogMarch 31st

Google Adwords has unveiled their latest April Fool’s Day prank a day early this year. Upon logging into the Adwords dashboard they ask you to “Check our Google Adbirds, a new ad format that takes your campaign to new heights by placing ads on real birds. Select your bird and write your ad. Then you’re ready for it to fly!”

After choosing which bird is right for your ad campaign (for instance penguins are best for the cold arctic regions and are limited in geo-location reach because penguins can’t fly, of course), you are instructed to write your marketing message for your bird’s beak, head, wings and tail feathers. Google then explains that your bird will fly in any existing targeted locations in your account. Migratory birds may only be available in certain regions depending on the time of year, or may completely fly out of your targeted region.

Write your copy and press “let it fly” to be reviewed by the Google Adbirds team, and see the friendly screen wishing you a happy April Fool’s Day from the Google Adwords team.

Google Adbirds April Fool's Day Prank 2014 - 2 photo Google-Adwords-2014-April-Fools-Day-Prank-2_zpsb23563d1.png

New Facebook Timeline Changes – Before & After

on 2014March 13th

As my coworker Erin pointed out, Facebook has added a grey background and have seemed to highlight the ads more, making them a little bigger and in more defined spaces.

What do you think of the new look?


Old Facebook photo Anthony-Facebook_zps36ae59e1.png


New Facebook - 2014 photo Erin-Facebook_zps3960fb98.png

Send Me To Ibiza: burn Residency In Ibiza Candidate

on 2014, Blog, MusicMarch 9th

I’m a candidate to be a burn Residency DJ for some of the hottest clubs in Ibiza summer 2014 – Listen & Vote for me at http://bit.ly/votentho! (I sincerely appreciate all of your votes!)

Burn Residency 2014 – burn this at the beach – ntho by Ntho on Mixcloud

Lindsay Olives Email Signup Form

on 2013, BlogNovember 11th

Just testing the ability to copy our client’s email sign-up form from the source code.

Holiday Recipe Cross-Promotion With Good Cook Turkey Baster & Clients

on 2013October 16th

This probably doesn’t look like a big deal, but it is considering how many of our brands we orchestrated to cross-promote on a product that will see millions upon millions of eyeballs and purchases in the coming weeks/months!

 photo IMG_9814_zps87296629.jpg

10 Best Reasons Why You Should Use Gmail Instead of Any Other Email Provider

on 2013, ToolsOctober 8th

I just wrote my dad an email with 10 reasons why this marketer thinks his old man should use gmail over any other email provider and I figured I should share them here in case anyone else has that problem as well.

1. It can easily transfer all your old emails/contacts to your new gmail account. (See: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/164640?hl=en&rd=1)
2. When you eventually do start looking for work again, you’ll seem younger and more technologically savvy. Look at this study here: http://blog.hunch.com/?p=34824
3. You are able to send us chat messages over the web in real time.
4. Can use it to send text messages to people’s cell phones
5. Upload all of your contacts with phone numbers and once you finally get a smart phone they’ll all be there for download.
6. Contains a video chat feature if you ever wanted to use it.
7. Has the best spam filtering of any email client I’ve used (and I’ve used them all in marketing)
8. 15 GB free storage for photos, password docs, etc. (and you can use it to send larger attachments (still with some limitation, though))
9. Using the power of google search you can easily find anything in your inbox
10. It contains a calendar that can remind you of birthdays or anything else

Did I convince you? You can sign up for a free gmail account at gmail.com

Did I miss anything? Please feel free to leave your advice or recommendations in a comment below!

Funny June’s Lost Scavengers – Family Fantasy Football League Trophy

on 2013, BlogAugust 30th

This year I’ve started a family Fantasy Football tournament and affectionately named the league “Funny June’s Lost Scavengers” in honor of my grandma and the scavenger hunts she loves to torture us with when she has the chance to round us all up. In our honorary year their our 16 teams. Today the championship trophy I ordered came in and I must say, it’s pretty epic. With 14 nameplates to carve a winner’s name this should (hopefully) last for 14 seasons, enough for us honoree members to have kids of our own able to play (and probably win) in the league. enough for me to reach the age 4. scary.

Anyways, check out the pics!




Hiking up Half Dome Mountain in Yosemite

on BlogJune 21st

Hiking up Half Dome mountain in Yosemite was epic.  It was definitely the hardest hike I've ever done, but oh so worth it.

We won our passes in a lottery, so there was no time to reserve a camp site.  That meant we had to drive through the night Thursday to ensure we were one of the first walk-ins Friday morning and could get a site.  One of the first things we noticed was hour friendly the animals were – there was deer that would walk right up to our campsite. After setting up camp it started to rain and the ranger came by and said it was hailing one campground over.  Great…


After getting only about 3-4 hours of sleep in 48 hours, we started our descent up the mountain at Midnight Friday night in the dark so we can beat the heat and get to the top around sunrise – perfect for pictures. Stopping every 1-2 hours to catch our breath and eat an energy bar, I would pass out for like 5 minutes on the trail. All in all, the hike took a total of 17 hours including breaks.


I didn't realize it would be so intense, though. It was about an 8 hour hike up the mountain which at some parts was like a stair-master x 10. Then Half Dome was literally straight up the mountain and you had to basically pull yourself up with these cables. I'm a little scared of heights so I wasn't totally thrilled to do it, but I'm glad I did! Nonetheless, then we had to hike another 8 hours back. We stopped at a river and napped for about 2 hours Mark Twain style. It was seriously the hardest hike I've ever done, but I'm so glad I did it. Climbing up the cables on Half Dome blew my mind.

The Yosemite forest and wildlife was beautiful, featuring two majestic waterfalls plus deer and Marmet that would walk right up to you fearlessly. I wish I never had to leave…

Pictures from E3 LA, 2012

on BlogJune 9th

What an epic time.  E3 never disappoints. Demoing all the new games and collecting all the free swag is totally worth the $900+ 3-day pass for any gamer – even though I was lucky enough to be able to get in for free! 😛 Seeing all the different marketing promotions and that infamous artist Tyler Stout was commissioned to create art and posters for the new game 'Sleeping Dogs' was pretty awesome too.

Can't wait until next year…