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Blog Search-Find Blogs with Blog Search Engines

on 2005, 2006, 2011, Blog, ToolsFebruary 15th

Blog search engines have become more and more sophisticated, and nowadays you can do a blog search on a variety of topics and hit paydirt.


on 2005, DreamsNovember 23rd

WINGLESS BIRDS SEEN THROUGH BROKEN PERISCOPES …an original poem by anthony cerreta Shattered dreams mixed with difficult hopes, are wingless birds seen through broken periscopes. As elder, desperate souls scarred them young to bleed deep, it bled impossible dreamers that seek fates to bleed deeper, together. And if two birds of a feather delicately woven […]

First Pair of Turntables (Stanton Str8-30 Direct Drive for 12″ Vinyl Records)

on 2005, Blog, MusicNovember 1st

I purchased my first pair of direct drive turntables from DNA Studio colleague and good friend, Dj Aske. Two Stanton Str8-30 Direct Drive Turntables sat in my bedroom and began spinning 12″ vinyl records to pass the time between work and networking. I love music and the way I can get lost in it. It […]

Video: The Last “Monte Carlo” Match

on 2005, Blog, VideoJuly 27th

“Here it is, the last Monte Carlo match”. Behind the scenes inside my Santa Monica, California bathroom, I attempt to create a cool film effect by filming a miniature toy truck catching on fire. Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite as planned. Check me out as I almost start a fire – Woohoo!

Music Track: 1st Rendered Music Track

on 2005, Blog, MusicJune 21st

After spending so much time editing video to music I started to pick up music production. Quite ironic since my film mentorship actually started as a music editing mentorship before deciding quickly that I’d rather learn film. One of the last thing I remember my instructor telling me was how “they’re both the same”… A […]

Social Media Marketing Manager for the ENVY aerobic fitness series

on 2005, Blog, Portfolio, VideoJune 1st

As an encore to its phenomenally successful series Carmen Electras Aerobic Striptease, which has sold over 600,000 copies in a dozen languages worldwide,

Distribution Manager & Associate Producer at DNA Studio

on 2005, Blog, PortfolioApril 19th

After a year in the Entertainment Industry, I began working full-time for DNA Studio.

Video + Music: “Clubthony” Experiential Marketing Concept Video

on 2005, Blog, Music, VideoFebruary 27th

I felt like the years of late night video editing while listening to electronica were really starting to pay off when I figured out how to edit video to go to any music that you’re listening to. In this experimental video, I’ve used a proprietary pattern of multiple elements that essentially allows this music marketing […]

Video: “New Years Eve in New York” promotional videos

on 2005, Blog, VideoJanuary 1st

Three different versions of concepts for a “New Years Eve in New York” documentary. Shot with a hand-held Panasonic DV camcorder and edited with Sony Vegas editing software. Build your own custom video playlist at