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10 Best Reasons Why You Should Use Gmail Instead of Any Other Email Provider

on 2013, ToolsOctober 8th

I just wrote my dad an email with 10 reasons why this marketer thinks his old man should use gmail over any other email provider and I figured I should share them here in case anyone else has that problem as well. 1. It can easily transfer all your old emails/contacts to your new gmail […]

Free Advertising – $100 Free in Google Adwords

on 2012, Blog, ToolsFebruary 29th

$100 Free in Google Adwords Advertising Platform Google Adwords online advertising platform is great for advertising national or local businesses, products, brands or ideas to people searching for those items on Google or to people visiting a website that displays Google Adwords ads. The Adwords platform works much like a normal auction, with different advertisers […]

Google Search Like a Pro – Infographic

on 2011, Blog, ToolsDecember 21st

Thanks to for this awesome Google Search Help Infographic on How to Google Search Like a Pro!

How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool To Find The Best Keywords

on 2011, Blog, ToolsOctober 11th

How to Find the Best Keywords To Use For Your Blog, Website or Article Using Google Adwords Keyword Tool By eHow Contributor, eHow User and modified with current information by Anthony Cerreta updated October 7, 2011 Looking for the SEO Checklist and Cheatsheet for Websites and Blogs? Download a Printer Friendly SEO Checklist and Cheatsheet […]

SEO Checklist and Cheatsheet for Websites and Blogs

on 2011, Blog, ToolsOctober 11th

SEO Checklist and SEO Cheatsheet for Websites and Blogs Looking for How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool To Find The Best Keywords? Download a Printer Friendly SEO Checklist and Cheatsheet Word Doc you can store on your computer and take with you on the go. SEO Tips & Tricks Checklist 1. ____ Your main […]

New Facebook Ad Analytics Reporting Lets You See Cost Per Fan

on 2011, Blog, ToolsMay 26th

Today Facebook launched a new ad reporting dashboard which includes a new, pretty chart and graph. Along with the updates, advertisers are now able to see the cost per fan. By clicking on a campaign, then clicking the “Full Report” link, you are taken to a screen that enables you to see a more detailed […]

2011 Mountain Dew, Taco Bell & Frito Lay QR Code Case Studies & Campaign Statistics

on 2011, Blog, ToolsMay 9th

Recently Mountain Dew, in collaboration with Taco Bell and Frito Lay, have promoted a few QR Code campaigns and I’ve noticed that their statistics are publicly available online through  When analyzed properly, you are you are able to determine how well their QR Code campaign performed, and how well a similar QR Code campaign might perform.   One of their recently […]

Ogilvy PR 360 Digital Influence Blog

on 2011, Blog, ToolsApril 20th

Shared by anthony I find this article really interesting and am curious to hear your thoughts. As location based marketing services like Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places and services like Checkpoints and Shopkick become more popular, it’s interesting to hear that LBM might have jumped the shark already. What do you think

10 Killer Facebook Page Creation Tools

on 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, Blog, Music, Tools, VideoApril 13th

Shared by anthony While some of these facebook page creation tools require a subscription, most offer free trials and tools, especially while pages first begin and have a a small amount of fans. Facebook page management tools help businesses improve their social media presence. We’ve culled ten companies, from a huge category of providers, that can help your brand build a more enticing page on the social network

How To Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns

on 2011, Blog, ToolsMarch 16th

Shared by anthony These are great facebook advertising tips to keep in mind when creating and optimizing your facebook ad campaigns. What facebook ad tips do you use?