Facebook Ads Daily Spend Limit for New Accounts

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Did you know Facebook Ads has a daily spend limit for new accounts?  If you are using a new Facebook profile to run your Facebook ads campaign, you must spend $250 a day consecutively for 4-5 days before Facebook will automatically increase your daily spend to $500.  Then your daily spend must reach $500 for the next 4-5 days before Facebook will increase your daily spend to $1,000 a day.  After $1,000 you must contact Facebook to manually increase your daily spend limit.


This makes sense as it is a way for Facebook to monitor the validity of the credit card and owner before serving them too much of their Facebook ad inventory.  Forcing companies to contact Facebook after reaching a daily spend limit of a $1,000 per day also helps facebook restrict their credit card fee’s that are incurred each time they run an advertiser’s credit card.  By only billing the advertiser monthly, Facebook is able to reduce the fee’s that the credit card companies charge them and maximize their profits.  Very smart, Facebook, as this also opens the door to direct communication between your company and it’s bigger clients.


Nonetheless, if you have a new Facebook ad campaign that is time sensitive you will definitely want to plan accordingly.


In Facebook’s own words…


The daily spend limit is the maximum amount that we will allow you to spend in one day, not the amount you are spending. We will never charge you more than the daily budget you set for your campaigns. Additionally, the daily budget that you are able to set for your campaigns cannot exceed the daily spend limit that is in place for your account.

We limit the total amount you can spend every 24 hours. If you hit your daily spend limit 4-5 times and you successfully pay the balance each time, your daily spend limit will automatically be increased, up to a maximum of $1,000. If you hit the maximum limit of $1,000 and wish to further increase your limit, you may contact us to request a manual increase. Please visit the Facebook Ads 

Help Center for more information.

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