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Our beloved Dippin' Dots page on Facebook is #50 and above other popular ice cream brands such as Ben & Jerry's. As Senior Interactive Producer for matrixx who initially created the page, I couldn't be happier with our facebook page's success! Currently the Dippin' Dots page has almost 4 million fans and growing everyday organically. Nonetheless, I couldn't have done it without the awesome work of @ErinRocks whose been the driving voice and force behind the page's growth. Erin, you rock and we really appreciate all of your hard work!

Facebook Brands Statistics

On this page you can list of all pages we measure with our statistical tools. You can see top pages on Facebook, predefined listing by brands and media or dselection of top pages in selected country. If your page is not listed, simply connect and click Add new page in our menu, or contact us!

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Facebook Brands Statistics – Socialbakers

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