Facebook Rolls Out New Design for Facebook Pages

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Today Facebook rolled out their new Pages layout and it is causing agencies and companies a headache!  Check out the screenshot below for an example of what non-fans will now see when landing on your Facebook Page with the new layout.

For starters they didn't allow companies a chance to be prepared for these changes.  That's just mean…


The new Pages layout and have taken away our ability to lock pages and direct users to a specific landing tab.  Currently, non-fans by default are landing on the info “tab” and fans are landing on the “wall” tab.  Right now there is no way to change this, which is unfortunate, and there is also no way to create new tabs or access old tabs to edit them.


Admin access to pages has also changed.  Now, to access your page you must go to the “account” > “manage pages” link which shows you a list of all of your pages.  If you own multiple pages you can switch between these after logging out of your primary account.  After clicking to a page, you are asked to “login to page” to see new updates and access insights.  (After checking out insights it the last date it shows for data is Dec. 12th – I believe this is the same but it will be interesting to see if there is a gap in reporting for this time frame.)  Furthermore, you do not have to have a Facebook account to create a page. 


The old “tabs” can now be accessed on the left column under the profile pic.   The site is very slow and it appears Facebook is still rolling out new changes as we speak.  Facebook's "Questions" feature is now a lot more prominent on pages which makes me wonder if Facebook will put more emphasis on Questions for companies use.  It will be interesting to see what we're left with in the end.


I would have liked to include more in this post but it appears Facebook is offline for the moment, no doubt addressing these issues.  What do you "Dislike" most about the new Facebook Pages layout?  What do you "Like"?

UPDATE: Facebook Pages Tabs are back – It appears they’ve stopped the new design roll-out and Facebook is back online. More as news develops….

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