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Facey Spacey is your One Stop Web 2.0 Development Shop who specialize in Developing Social Networking Tools and Platforms.

Imagine you just received $5 million dollars in funding, hired the best in-house staff and top programmers you could find, leased an office for the next 3 years, purchased all the necessary equipment and you’re finally ready to make your startup an actuality. Now cut that amount of money in 20, go back to your apartment, go back to your computer and make the same startup dream an actuality without the millions.


As CMO for Facey Spacey, I can proudly say that we provide cutting edge web and social media marketing services and consultation. We call ourselves “Your Social Media One Stop Shop” and “The Startup Incubator”, We don’t just emulate the startup environment, we are the startup environment and live this through our day-to-day affairs.

We don’t take hundreds of projects and we only do large projects, often taking an equity percentage. Our secret sauce is vision, planning and hard-work. We mastered the outsourcing process to save our projects money, and we have proven experience to make dreams turn to software.

Interested and want to chat more? Contact me or find me online at…

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