Looking for Google Adwords Help? Call Google Directly & Toll-Free!

on BlogDecember 13th
Today while performing some Google Adwords maintenance and research I discovered that Google has launched their "Adwords Energizer" team to help Google Adwords advertisers optimize their campaigns and receive more value from their Google Adwords account.

The Google Adwords Energize Team project started a couple months ago to help advertisers get the most out of their investment.  How it works is after you call them, a Google Adwords customer service expert takes a look at your campaign, adwords, keywords and etc. and offers advice on your ads.  I just called the number and spoke with an adwords expert from the Energize Team and was quite pleased with the results!  I can only hope that they keep this feature past December 29th.


After calling the number and entering my Google Adwords customer id (found in the upper right hand corner of your Google Adwords account after you are logged in).  After verifying my Customer ID and email used with the Customer Service Representative, she was able to access my account and take a look at my ad campaigns and performance.  After a few minutes on hold, we were able to talk about some of the possible changes I could be making to improve my ads and quality score.  After making the changes you are encouraged to call them back for another review and even more optimization tips that will help you Adwords performance.


One of the key take-aways from the call is that they recommend only using 10-20 keywords per adgroup.  Also, a CTR of 1% is expected on the Google Search Network.  With this information and according to the Google Customer Service Representative you should be pausing keywords that are not receiving any impressions.  If after a few days your keywords aren’t seeing impressions, Google has most likely already made up their mind about your keyword based upon your account history and data.  Since you should only have about 10-20 keywords per adgroup, having keywords that are not receiving impressions is merely taken up room and not helping your account, so it’s a good idea to delete these keywords and try some new ones.


Need help? Call their Energize Team today on 866–246–6453 for expert help. This service is only available until December 29, 2010, so call soon!

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