Moved to Hollywood, CA

on 2004, Blog, DreamsMay 18th

On May 14th, 2004 I finally took the plunge and moved from Uniontown, Ohio to Hollywood, California. I arrived in the sunny state on May 18, 2004.

One of the harder moves I’ve had to make, I began staying home to edit digital video at every chance. With the help of Cinevid Productions and Bill Johns, I purchased my first digital video recorder (Panasonic), received my first full copy of video editing software (Sony Vegas) and received my first copy of the infamous Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Image Ready, Indesign & Illustrator).

My friends and family always knew to find me behind a computer editing video and I didn’t mind. When I ran out of stories to create, I made my own by “remixing” and mashing different video clips to music.


What do I recommend for first-timers? The Sunset Strip in West Hollywood – it’s a nice twist of Hollywood Glamour mixed with Rock n’ Roll.

Also try for more tips and tricks. The best things in LA are definitely free.

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