My Signed Deadmau5 Head

on 2011, BlogAugust 27th

Only one word can describe tonight.  EPIC.

Deadmau5 is one of my favorite DJ's for many reasons, including how awesome he is to his fans, and how awesome his fans are to each other.  Nothing could prove my point more than what happened to me tonight.  After the Deadmau5 concert at the Hollywood Palladium ended tonight (Friday, 8/26/11), I was walking back to the car with Jen laughing about our great time together.  When I passed a guy with a signed Deadmau5 head I jokingly asked him (man I wish I remembered his name so bad) for his custom made and signed Deadmau5 head.  I was absolutely kidding – never in a million years did I think he'd respond in the way he did.  I couldn't believe when he responded with "Here, you can have it".

What??  I couldn't believe it.  At first I was like "hey, thank you so much.  this is great" but then my conscious started to eat at me and I didn't feel like I could accept it.  We waited outside of the parking garage for 20 minutes until they drove past.  When we yelled out "hey!", they pulled over so we could run up and politely say "hey, are you sure you want to do this.  This is incredibly cool but I'm not sure I can accept this". …  When he replied for the second time "no it's cool, I made it for Halloween and had a great time with it.  I have pictures of Joel signing it, I'm just glad I can give it to someone who will enjoy it." ….

…Wow, I'm speechless.  God is great.