New Facebook Ad Features: Choose Your Own Default Landing Tab and New Sponsored Stories

on 2011, BlogFebruary 9th
Choose the Default Landing Tab In Facebook Ads:

Today Facebook rolled out a lot of changes to their ad system and one of them is the ability to choose which landing tab your Facebook ad clicks through to.  This is great for marketers and to highlight certain features or tabs of your Facebook pages. 

New Sponsored Stories:

Additionally, you also have the choice to choose between advertising a Facebook ad (picture, text and a URL that you direct users to after clicking on your ad) or Facebook's new sponsored stories.  Sponsored stories allow you to pull your Facebook page's fans' comments into an ad that display's on the commenter's friends facebook user's stream.

In Facebook's own words:

"Get more distribution for the News Feed stories published about your Page, Place or App. Always includes either a story about the viewer's friends or a story about your Facebook Page posts."

There are two types of Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads you can run, a "Like Story" or a "Page Story".

A "Like Story" promotes a news feed story encouraging the user's friends to like your page.  (This is similar to the "Friend-of-Friend" targeting feature Facebook has had for a little bit now.) 

A "Page Post Story" promotes news feed stories about the Facebook updates you post on your page.  It automatically pulls the picture in from your last post.

Should be interesting.  I would love to hear how your "Sponsored Stories" ads are performing in the comments below!

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