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While at DNA Studio I was approached by a Producer who asked if I would be willing to help a former Atlantic Records musician whose Myspace identity had been stolen. Blogs - POE MySpace Blog
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Someone had created a fake Myspace page and impersonated the celebrity musician on a popular social network to solicit her fans for money. After hearing such a sad story of innocent fans being betrayed, I offered to help at no cost. After contacting Myspace and releasing several campaign tactics geared toward damage control and reputation management (such viral video’s created personally by the real musician), order was quickly restored and her fan base began to grow exponentially.

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Although this campaign was born from unfortunate circumstances, no one could deny its successful outcome. We created a valuable social networking, reputation management, damage control, educational resource and marketing tool that has been used in all recent campaigns. (Plus, there were always a bunch of smiles in the room which made for a productive and worthwhile environment!)

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