Social Media – Retail Offerings on Facebook Up 60% : MarketingProfs Article

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Retailers ramped up product offerings on Facebook in 2010: Some 7.6 million products—valued at $3.78 billion—were offered on Facebook via SortPrice-built storefronts in 2010, up 60% from the 4.6 million products offered in 2009, according to a report by SortPrice.

Products across 28 industry categories and 53,000 product categories were listed on SortPrice-built Facebook storefronts in 2010.

Apparel goods comprised the top-ranked product category among the year’s top 5, accounting for 39.7% of items listed, followed by women’s jewelry (23.9%).

Measured by dollar value, home and garden was the top-ranked category ($7.97 million), followed by computers ($5.84 million).

Revenue data for 2010 were not issued in the report.

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 Below, IT products and services provider CDW Outlet’s Facebook storefront:

About the data: Findings are from the analysis 1,500 customers who conducted e-commerce via SortPrice-built Facebook storefronts in 2010.

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Social Media – Retail Offerings on Facebook Up 60% : MarketingProfs Article

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