Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend 2010 – Christmas Tree part 2

on BlogNovember 28th

This year's Thanksgiving Holiday weekend was great!  In two words, adventurous but relaxing in all the right ways.

November 25 – Thursday; Thanksgiving with Jen and friends, Clippers vs. Kings basketball game at night with the same crowd (Clippers won) and a midnight bike ride to see the crazy black Friday shoppers.

November 26 – Friday; Recovery.  Watched Back to the Future 3.  I think I got a little sick and recovering from a sprained ankle but the time in coze-mode was good for the soul.

November 27 – Saturday;  Watched the Buckeyes beat Michigan for the 6th season straight, got a little work done and then I traded in my 1-year old Optoma HD projector for a brand new one from Best Buy.  There are no securities in life but there are Best Buy warranties!  Rained out at night so we had dinner delivered from Gabby's and put up the Christmas tree.

November 28 – Sunday; Checked out the whole laundromat experience, cleaned the apartment, started Christmas shopping and worked.  Not the funnest day of the group but the Browns won and it helps to get back into work mode and ready for Cyber-Monday.  Now blogging and watching Christmas movies on the new HD projector.

Ahhh the holidays.  Here's to closing out 2010 and welcoming 2011 with some cheer. 🙂

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