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The first annual list of The Big Money Facebook 50 ranked the top fifty companies making the best use of Facebook, by Slate’s The Big and announced that our beloved Dippin’ Dots has made The Big Money Facebook 50 Facebook Page list at #27! 


As Senior Producer for matrixx I have been responsible for growing the community, administering the page and coming up with new interactive integrations since day one.  In addition to claiming the Top 50 Facebook Pages, Dippin’ Dots is currently also the #1 Restaurant on Facebook and I’m psyched!  Of course this never would have been possible without the multi-talented Erin Brown and the very creative designs of Al Morales who are equally as responsible for the success of Dippin’ Dots on Facebook. (Thanks you two – we make a great team!)


According to the Big Money, Companies had to have a minimum of 200,000 Facebook friends or fans before being considered for The Big Money Facebook 50. Qualifying brands were then assessed on whether they employ a dedicated social media staff, how long the brand has been present on Facebook, and how much money it spends on the social networking site. Companies were then ranked from one to five on how often they update their Facebook offerings; the variety of material they offer; how much user interest their pages have generated; how integrated Facebook is into the company’s broader marketing; how easy it is to find the company’s Facebook page through a search engine, and creativity and effectiveness.


“While lists measuring corporate value based on dollars and cents are common, at The Big Money we see real value in recognizing companies that are performing well in the nebulous but all-important realm of social media,” said James Ledbetter, editor of The Big Money. “These are the companies that are really moving the needle in terms of customer engagement and loyalty, a critical aspect of a brand’s success and staying power in this challenging economy.”


Taken from an article on Wired Magazine’s Big Companies Dominate Facebook, “The companies with the best Facebook presences according to the study are massive brands whose profiles combine their own content with user uploads, rather than relying solely on one or the other. In addition, somewhat quirky brands that already had cult followings — Chick-fil-A, Dippin’ Dots, Pop Tarts and Dr. Pepper — did particularly well.”


The following is a complete list of ‘The Big Money Facebook 50’. Ranked #27 Dippin’ Dots ice cream is right in between Reese’s and Kohls, but still ahead of a certain competitor! J

1. Coca-Cola
2. Starbucks
3. Disney
4. Victoria’s Secret
5. Apple iTunes
6. Vitaminwater
7. YouTube
8. Chick-fil-A
9. Red Bull
10. T.G.I. Friday’s
11. Skittles
12. Dunkin’ Donuts
13. Best Buy
14. NBA
15. Adidas Originals
16. Kellog’s Pop Tarts
17. Krispy Kreme
18. Mountain Dew
19. JCPenney
20. Papa John’s
21. Disney/Pixar
22. National Geographic
23. McDonalds
24. H&M
25. Gap
26. Reese’s
27. Dippin’ Dots
28. Kohl’s
29. Forever 21
30. Ben & Jerry’s
31. Puma
32. Louis Vuitton
33. CNN
34. Pringles
35. Pizza Hut
36. Vogue
37. Apple Students
38. Dr. Pepper
39. Vans
40. Six Flags
41. MTV
42. Harley-Davidson
43. Target
44. Audi
45. Gatorade
46. Zara
47. Taco Bell
48. Buffalo Wild Wings
49. Calvin Klein
50. The Onion


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P.S. Did I mention we’re the #1 Restaurant on FacebookJ

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