Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-22

on 2011, BlogDecember 22nd
  • What Every New Business Should Know About Google's Ranking of Names – #
  • Panic at the disco! It's an advertising agency emergency!! #Infograph #
  • Epic: The Noob’s Complete Guide to Online Marketing #Infographic #
  • Ferbs' website is getting a bath! We're redesigning the site tonight & as of 7:38pm PST it is in 'maintenance mode'. #
  • So far so good, but surely there's always new problems to troubleshoot! (Luckily?) I'm now figuring out these weird, new "advanced" probs. #
  • Ferbs Cosmetics website update is still going strong! Now into our 7th hour and counting… #
  • Still … going … strong………….. #
  • ….and at 5:11 – about 9 hrs 45 mins after we started Jen is asleep. Still have about 30 more minutes to go but we're close. #
  • At 5:51am, ~10 hrs after we started, I'm going to bed! Would love to hear your feedback about the new site @ 🙂 #
  • I'm at South (3001 Wilshire Blvd, at Stanford St, Santa Monica) w/ 16 others #
  • SANTA Monica pub crawl is madness! Trying to jump ahead the crowd @ a familiar Irish pub, O 'Brien's #
  • Low-key Santa Monica sports bar reminds me of Omaha or Ohio hole-in-the-wall bars … in a good way. #
  • Totally forgot abot this bar. Love the outside-like courtyard and long-lost the memories with the Akron crew. #
  • Want to Get Your Photo Seen on a Billboard in Times Square for NYE? Check out the details & submit your pic free here: #
  • If you're traveling this holiday check this out – Skype is giving Free Wi-Fi to Holiday Travelers at 50 U.S. Airports #
  • Send a personal phone call (or video) from Santa thanks to Gmail – #
  • I have a $200+ NIVEA gift pack to give away, anyone want it? #
  • Have something to gripe about at work? Tell it to AdSanta and let the big red guy take care of it #
  • In New-Media First, Super Bowl to Be Streamed Online #
  • 12 Social Media #Infographs from 2011 to help plan 2012 – #