What’s New in the New Facebook Ads Campaigns Manager

on 2011, BlogFebruary 14th

This morning I was invited to try the new Facebook ads campaign page and thought I’d share the steps with everyone here.


After logging into my Facebook account and clicking on the “Ads and Pages” page and then the “Campaigns” link, I was greeted with the following message from Facebook:


You're invited to try the new Facebook Ads campaigns page


    * We're making improvements to the Ads Manager interface that will take effect later this month. to take a look at your new Campaigns page and learn about its improved navigation and functionality.

 FireShot capture #001 - 'All Campaigns' - www_facebook_com_ads_manage_campaigns_php_act=366207257.png

After clicking on the "Upgrade" button I see the following:

Monitor Campaigns More Easily

  • The new Campaigns page emphasizes schedules and budgets, the most important tools you need to track your campaigns.
  • We've made it easier to view your campaign start and end dates and to adjust your budgets to invest your marketing dollars in your most valuable campaigns.

Clicking "Next" displays the following message:

FireShot capture #002 - 'All Campaigns' - www_facebook_com_ads_manage_campaigns_php_act=366207257.png

Dive Deeper into Campaign Performance

  • It's always easy to see how all of your campaigns are performing. Just click on the "Full Report" button, and you'll see extended performance stats that give you the insight you need to fine-tune campaigns and maximize your return on investment.

FireShot capture #003 - 'All Campaigns' - www_facebook_com_ads_manage_campaigns_php_act=366207257.png

Finishing the tour keeps you on the current screen and allows you to begin using the new Facebook Ad interface.

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