Your Face in Times Square!

on 2011, BlogDecember 8th

Your Face in Times Square!

Anyone going to be in New York this New Years eve to ring in 2012?  Sounds like a really cool opportunity to get seen on a billboard in Times Square!

I emailed you a while ago about NIVEA’s involvement in Times Square. Yes, they will own it on NYE!  If you will be out there for NYE, please contact me.


Nivea just launched a FB app that will put your face on a Billboard in Times Square, and you can choose the day and time it goes live (I’ve attached my pic above as an example). Our goal is to showcase the beautiful people that set the trends online, aka YOU,  so let’s talk and get your face where it belongs.


I can give you your own time slot to feature you and your friends (and family) on the Billboard. If you are interested in doing a NIVEA giveaway or have anything else in mind for this, please let me know.  


Here’s the link to view the app:

My promo code: FAME002