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Does Everything In Life Happen For a Reason??

on 2012, BlogMay 15th

I'm just getting ready for bed.  I just finished reading the story of Job in the Bible and was doing some research on it.  It's an interesting chapter, because in which God seems to let Satan punish Job "for no reason" but merely to test Job  When Job is hurting, unable to find his faults and wishing he was never born, his friends do not comfort him but instead insist it must be something that he has done.  In the end God speaks to them all and asks them where were they when God created the earth, and if they can send lightning or know why the ostrich buries her eggs in the sand (among many other things).  After job repents and restores his faith and comfort back to God and His plan, God is upset with Job's friends for not speaking to Job what is right, and orders them to offer 7 bullocks and 7 rams to Job for a burnt offering for God, and that Job will pray for them.  When Job does, his wealth and power is restored more than before his suffering.  A particular verse that really sticks out to me is…

Job 28:28 (King James Version) And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.

Now I am by no means saying that my own personal sufferings are without reason or comparing myself to Job or any righteous man – or that they even compare to Job's.  I know I have not always been my best, even when trying to be or when I thought I was.  Nonetheless it is a really interesting read.  I have to thank my Mom again for my bible, I still try to read it everyday.  Also, I find it ironic that Job's name is "job", don't you? 😛

By the way, here is a good interpretation of the story of Job, It makes me believe that everything does happen for a reason, even if I cannot understand it now, but it also makes me wonder if things are predestined or do they change at God's will?  Obviously, it is not for me to know or ever truly understand… 😉

In the book of Job we are presented with a fictional character set into a fictional situation which is then presented as a test case of ancient Jewish wisdom ideology as presented in the book of Proverbs in the Bible. It has become a popular belief that Job was tested by God, in that God was allowing bad things to happen unjustly to Job as a means of testing the loyalty of Job under hard conditions. We are told right off the bat that Job was one of the most righteous men of his day, and that God was well pleased with Job. Job's favor with God is demonstrated according to the prevailing standards of ancient Hebrew wisdom ideology (in other-words he was rich because he was righteous). The 'accuser' then comes onto the scene and insists that Job is only righteous 'because he is rich.' Takeaway his riches and he would curse God. God agrees to allow the accuser to strike out at Job.

It is this establishing of the premise of the book that people have seized upon to interpret the book of Job as 'about testing'. This is to completely miss the point of what follows. Indeed, by showing God consenting to disaster upon Job, at the very beginning of the book the author is bringing into question the fundamental premise of wisdom ideology-that life is ordered and understandable and predictable. No reason is given for God's decision to allow disaster to happen to Job. This is the point. It is 'a mystery,' and as such an initial blow is struck at the prevailing ideology of the day, which held that all is understandable, the God is knowable and revealed in human history, that the universe is governed by immutable laws of cosmic wisdom, that everything happens for a reason and as such, proverbial slogans can be created out of everything that happens, because everything that happens is an expression of the will and active intervention of God.


 Well, everything, that is except what happened to Job. For as wisdom ideology had it, "bad things never happen to good people." This was a given, one of the immutable cosmic laws of divine wisdom as ordained by God. To question this premise was to bring into question the entire superstructure of wisdom ideology built upon these dogmatic foundations.

More reading and studies can also be found at the following links



What do you think??

New Type of Facebook Spam is Going Around – Don’t Click The Link!

on 2012, BlogMay 3rd
Have you seen or received this Facebook spam in your email recently? DON'T CLICK THE LINK!  It is a new type of clever spam that is starting to go around based upon Facebook's popularity and people's interest on what other people are saying about them.  The "reactivate" link actually redirects you to "girlsspringdresses.info

It appears this virus is primarily geared toward Mac users.  Facebook advises to always check the URL in your browser to make sure it originates from http://facebook.com, and not a one-off domain.  More info can be found on Fast Company at http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/chris-dannen/techwatch/update-facebook-phishing-scam-continues


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Social Media Before 2012 And Where Social Media Is Going to Be In 5 Years: A Quick Social Media Analysis

on 2012, BlogMay 1st

I wrote this quick analysis of where the social media has come from and where it is going for my cousin who is getting prepared for an interview at a global social media marketing agency.  After thinking about it, I wanted to also post it online to gather your feedback and thoughts.  What opinions you might agree or disagree with?  What do you think??

Social Media Before 2012 And Where Social Media Is Going to Be In 5 Years: A Quick Social Media Analysis

Where the industry has come from and where it is going is a tough question, especially if you want me to keep it brief.  I'm going to try to keep this basic but feel free to ask me any more in-depth questions you might have.  I sincerely appreciate the feedback as it will help me grow as well.

Back in the day when it was just Myspace there was not much transparency.  No one was who they said they were including myself.  i used to make profiles like "cabbage Patch Kids" just to get people in the target demo (this case young and young at heart girls between the 13-18 year old range) to friend the profile and add them as a top friend to get a viral effect going.  Then I would re-brand the page to promote my own products, ie the Paula Abdul Cardio Cheer series.  Now transparency is a must and those who do not disclose their identities can get in big trouble from the FCC with big fines.  Advertisers and product reviewers are expected to disclose who they are, if they have been contacted by the brand and if they're getting paid when reviewing the product – even in a tweet.

Since Myspace days many more social networking communities have popped up, some receiving large investments, but the main players now seem to be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram (instagram was just bought by Facebook for a billion dollars a couple of weeks ago, and Pinterest has been getting a TON of buzz but the community is still relatively small)  Each play their different rolls.  For instance, social networking, video, photo & bookmarking … but other bookmarking networks such as reddit, digg, stumbleupon still also play important rolls because they are good for SEO and site referral traffic.  Nothing goes viral anymore without advertising.  At best, you can create a video and dump a lot of money into it in hopes that it will make the front page of youtube's "new" or "most viewed" videos and take off from there.  There is so much good video less than 1% of videos go viral and it's really just luck if not for ads, and even with ads it's still luck.  "Free" social media marketing is dead and never actually ever existed.  Even in the past it still required someone, usually a kid, to spend hours upon hours reaching out and connecting with others to get the message across. Along the way Myspace has died while other platforms and initiatives such as flickr, corporate blogging and many others are continuing on the downward slope.  Some could even argue blogging is beginning to die slowly as more and more people prefer to simply tweet or share on Facebook, but I am still on the fence as I can see many valuable reasons to blog including information sharing and SEO.

Now and moving forward, some of the biggest challenges in the industry are cross-channel optimization and tracking (consumers switching from TV, to online, to tablet, to cell-phones all in the 5 minutes – how do you track this and/or know which channel to give the proper attribution for the end goal, whether that be product awareness/branding, sale or email signup.  Brands and advertisers are looking to create a similar model to TV GRP ratings (Gross Ratings Point) which deciphers how many people are viewing your message, mostly because that is what brands and advertisers are used to dealing with and by doing so it will open up more understanding, possibilities and money by brands who are on the fence.  By no means is that the most accurate model.  Even with TV for instance, how can 25 families really represent a million?

The biggest technology shifts have been in-game advertising and advertising on mobile devices (phones and tablets) and video advertising (pre-roll, mid-roll, product placement and product ads).  Google has recently (last week) announced video ads for Search on a CPC (cost-per-click) model and Facebook has also opened up video advertising by advertising a specific facebook post with a video in it.  Google/Youtube have been pushing a major emphasis on small businesses to use video to promote their video and probably rightfully so.  Video can be a great tool to give insight and demonstrate use/value for a product or brand.  Those who use video effectively can definitely attest to the increased brand lift and other benefits.  I just heard at this conference that Youtube has switched it's preferential treatment from views (clicks) to time spent watching the video (engagement) and will promote a video more if it has more engagement as opposed to just views.  With video, even in youtube, you can also implement a lot more engaging features that can change as time goes on and encourages viewers to interact with the video directly, such as pop-ups and links

Tablet/Mobile advertising is also huge because of how much people are using their mobile devices but there are still a lot of grey areas, specifically with size.  To begin you never have a lot of space to get your ad message across so it has to be really small and to-the-point, but also there are TONS of different devices with each their own display size, so really to advertise on mobile could cause you to create 100+ (literally) different ad sizes to optimize it for each device.  As you can see that is not really practical and therein lies half the problem.  Once that channel opens up, though, the advertising possibilities are going to be limitless and extremely effective, since you can hopefully target specific areas by location and demographics as well as devices.  Right now mobile ads are relatively the cheapest, but as I've found the engagement rates (to get sign-ups) are relatively low, what I think is due to "fat fingers' and people accidentally clicking on the ads.  Yea I get more impressions and clicks, but when I look at sign-ups they are the same (or I should say statistically lower) than traditional online ads like google adwords or facebook ads, so in the end I would state it costs the same for an acquisition.

I hope this helps.  As always, I'm happy to hear your questions and especially feedback if you have any!

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Man Eats Ketchup for Dinner and then Tweets About It

on 2012, BlogMarch 14th

All happened at Five Guys burger and fries (which is absolutely awesome, by the way) and on my birthday. 

If I didn't have the video to prove it you probably wouldn't believe me…