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Blog Search-Find Blogs with Blog Search Engines

on 2005, 2006, 2011, Blog, ToolsFebruary 15th

Blog search engines have become more and more sophisticated, and nowadays you can do a blog search on a variety of topics and hit paydirt.

A N.O.E.L. by NTHO

on 2006, Blog, DreamsDecember 25th

A N.O.E.L. by ntho …an original poem by anthony cerreta   As I lay and I pray on this gorgeous Christmas day, I sit and I quip about the many gifts you graciously gave everyday and when I say that I think and I lay it’s actually hard to say the things to say about […]

Project Manager for Match Creative Talent

on 2006, Blog, PortfolioNovember 1st

At Match Creative Talent I successfully managed an internal hosting data migration project,

Music Track: idk

on 2006, Blog, MusicNovember 1st

Experiential (but magical!) progressive trance track created using Ableton Live. I’m honestly not sure what to make of this track, hence it’s short-hand acronym, “idk”. [audio:ntho-idk_11_16_06.mp3] Download:

Music Track: StarFunk

on 2006, Blog, MusicOctober 15th

Experiential electronica track with a very jazzy, housey feel. Composed in 2006 using Ableton Live. [audio:ntho-StarFunk.mp3] Download:

Video + Music Mix: Same Video, Different Music

on 2006, Blog, Music, VideoAugust 13th

Music makes all the difference when perfecting the mood. To show this, I put together an example music video edited to multiple song clips with different genres and tempos. Which melody fits the video best? Why? These videos are edited to a proprietary pattern of multiple elements that essentially allow this experiential music marketing video […]

.xls: Example Timesheet to Track Employee Hours

on 2006, Blog, ToolsJuly 13th

Basic excel time sheet to use for tracking employee hours. Example Timesheet to Track Employee Hours

Music Track: Predictable

on 2006, Blog, MusicJuly 1st

Using a conversation between PoE and Dj Tiesto as my muse, I furthered my digital music composition skills with the creation of my first fully produced electronica music score, “Predictable”. [audio:ntho-Predictable.mp3] Download:

Project Manager for Signature Creative

on 2006, Blog, PortfolioJune 1st

Through the musician PoE I was first introduced to John Gheur – Founder & CEO of Signature Creative.


on 2006, Blog, DreamsMay 23rd

I’M GOING TO MISS YOU… …an original poem by anthony cerreta   If this pen could talk I’m sure it would say, absolutely nothing. I ALWAYS TRY, I ALWAY TRY, I ALWAYS TRIP. Sometimes too hard. Of course it’s hard, really hard. It’s never fun until you scar. I hate it when you watched though. […]