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10 Killer Facebook Page Creation Tools

on 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, Blog, Music, Tools, VideoApril 13th

Shared by anthony While some of these facebook page creation tools require a subscription, most offer free trials and tools, especially while pages first begin and have a a small amount of fans. Facebook page management tools help businesses improve their social media presence. We’ve culled ten companies, from a huge category of providers, that can help your brand build a more enticing page on the social network

Digital Marketing Guide: Mobile Payments | Special: Digital Marketing Guide – Advertising Age

on 2010, 2011, BlogMarch 30th

Shared by anthony The buzz behind Mobile Payments is growing exponentially in 2011 and innovative companies such as Starbucks have started accepting mobile payments in their physical retail locations. This guide explains the basics behind mobile payments to help prepare you for the upcoming onslaught of mobile payment opportunities. Are you already using your mobile phone to pay for merchandise at your favorite places?

How To Create A Facebook Landing Page In 3 Easy Steps

on 2010, 2011, BlogMarch 30th

Shared by anthony Creating a Facebook landing page that “unlocks” the page after a user likes the page is a crucial step toward obtaining facebook likes.

Mashable – Blog – 10 Tips for Posting on Your Brand’s Facebook Page

on 2010, 2011, Blog, VideoMarch 24th

Ekaterina Walter is a social media strategist at Intel.


on 2010, 2011, BlogMarch 22nd

Shared by anthony Hilariously accurate, If Web Browsers Were Celebrities, this is who they might be (and let’s face it, aren’t they already?).

Social Media – Retail Offerings on Facebook Up 60% : MarketingProfs Article

on 2009, 2010, 2011, Blog, ToolsMarch 9th

Retailers ramped up product offerings on Facebook in 2010: Some 7.6 million products—valued at $3.78 billion—were offered on Facebook via SortPrice-built storefronts in 2010, up 60% from the 4.6 million products offered in 2009,  according to a report by SortPrice .

Facebook Outselling Yahoo In Display Ads This Year

on 2010, 2011, BlogMarch 2nd

Facebook will overtake Yahoo as the U.S.’s top seller of display advertising online, according to eMarketer estimates released today.

Why Video Advertising Needs to Dump Impressions and Move to 'Cost Per View' | DigitalNext: A Blog on Emerging Media and Technology -…

on 2010, 2011, Blog, VideoMarch 2nd

Shared by MatrixxResearch We recently proposed — with Google and Kantar Video as chief sponsors — a new, standardized metric for pricing and serving video advertising to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Digital Video Committee: “Cost Per View” (CPV). This would distinguish ads viewers choose to watch (“views”) from ads that automatically load in a video player (“impressions”), making a “view” mean the same thing as it does on YouTube — someone chose to watch a video

Digital CPG Blog » Blog Archive » 5 Reasons Why 2011 Will Be All About Mobile Commerce

on 2010, 2011, BlogFebruary 24th

“The idea of turning your mobile smartphone into a mobile wallet is an appealing one. There is no device that spends as much time in our personal proximity than a mobile phone, much more than wallets,” reports Douglas Orr. Here are 5 reasons why mobile will get mainstream adoption this year: 1

10 Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blogs : Media : Technology :

on 2010, 2011, Blog, Tools, VideoFebruary 15th

10 Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blogs Bg Theory, LLC Long time paid search marketer Brad Geddes provides plenty of tactical looks and advice about Google AdWords and PPC in general. Recent Posts from this Blog Why Twitter Has Become My Favorite Instant Messenger We’re Accepting Guest Blog Posts Free Webinar: Understanding & Improving Quality Score Google Blogscoped Though not really an SEO blog and more about Google in general, Google Blogoscoped often spots important changes to how Google is displaying results, new tests and so on.