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I find this article really interesting and am curious to hear your thoughts. As location based marketing services like Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places and services like Checkpoints and Shopkick become more popular, it’s interesting to hear that LBM might have jumped the shark already. What do you think? Has location-based marketing (LBM) jumped the shark?

Definition: Badge fatigue – noun. c. May 2010

  • a reduction in the effectiveness of mobile loyalty programs that use status or icons as incentives
  • being so over the idea that you’ll be rewarded with some intangible thingy for identifying yourself as a fan

About a year ago, the discussion around “badge fatigue” began. Fans and followers were starting have trouble seeing through the clutter of countless gaming programs that offered incentives. So, plans were hatched to reinvigorate the model before it became another fad.

In the initial format, a user was given the incentive to go to an establishment because he or she would be rewarded with an intangible prize: a title (e.g. “mayor” Foursquare or royalty titles on Yelp!) or an icon (e.g. “badges” on Foursquare or “pins” on Gowalla). Users competed with their friends and unknown competitors to get the best status and personal gratification. As users achieved higher status and left check-in competitors in the dust, they got an even greater incentive: a discount or something for free.

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