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Music Track: Epic1

on 2008, Blog, MusicMay 1st

Experiential electronica music track produced and created with dj Aske. Composed using a Korg Synthesizer and Ableton Live on a MacBook Pro. [audio:ntho-aske-Epic1.mp3] Download:

Video: How to Replace a PC Motherboard

on 2008, Blog, VideoMarch 24th

Dj Aske makes it seem easy as he shows us how to quickly change a (microsoft pc) hewlett packard “hp” motherboard on video.

Video: Home Music Production Videos

on 2008, Blog, Music, VideoJanuary 7th

A collage of varous music production video clips with my favorite electronica producers … Myself (dj ntho) with dj aske, dj asaa & dj push. This div will be replaced

Video: Pomona Tattoo Convention

on 2008, Blog, VideoJanuary 5th

Behind the scenes of the Dr. TATTOFF laser tattoo removal booth at the Pomona Tattoo Convention with Jennifer Podany. Will these guys make the shot and win free laser tattoo removal? Video Shot using a hand-held, Panasonic digital video camera. Build your own custom video playlist at

Music Track: WarDrumz

on 2007, Blog, MusicMay 15th

Drum ‘n Bass track featuring created with Dj Aske using a Korg Triton Extreme Keyboard, a Korg Synthesizer and Ableton Live 5 on a MacBook Pro. [audio:ntho-aske-WarDrumz.mp3] Download: