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Music Mix: Anthony It’s You, It’s Me Ntho

on 2009, Blog, Dreams, MusicNovember 15th

Almost ever since I have moved to California I have known Jen, although I didn’t always know how important she would become to me. Like most relationships, through the years we have gone through a lot together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Jen is my best friend and I am very lucky […]

Music Mix: Slow Down Justin Timberlake!

on 2009, Blog, MusicJune 1st

Justin Timberlake’s “(Another Song) All Over Again” slowed down to a tempo of about 45 bpm and in a different key. Mixed with Sarah McLachlan’s ” Fear (Hybrid’s Super Collider Mix)” and also includes Justin Timberlake’s “Losing My Way”. Spun using 2 direct drive Stanton Str8 30’s, Behringer DJx700 mixer plus Ableton Live on MacBook […]

Music Mix: Ode2Kaskade

on 2008, Blog, MusicOctober 13th

Live dj mix featuring some of my favorite songs by infamous trance composer, Kaskade. Spun using 2 direct drive Stanton Str8 30’s, Behringer DJx700 mixer, an iPod, Ableton Live and Virtual Dj on a MacBook Pro. Old school, I know, still but complimented (and complicated) nicely with some new twists – this mix has graphics […]

Music Track: Kadeve2

on 2008, Blog, MusicJanuary 6th

What started out as a Hip-Hop remix for Street Starz rapper, Kadeve, soon led to a Drum ‘n Bass track after the power went out during a California thunderstorm. When the MacBook Pro laptop died, sadly so did the Ableton project. I read magazines by candle-light and (tried to) master the track in the a.m. […]

Music Mix: Beloved Mix

on 2007, Blog, MusicMay 28th

Robert Goulet & Janet Jackson mixed to breaks and trance using two direct drive Stanton Str8 30’s and a Behringer DJx700 mixer. [audio:ntho_mix-beloved-janet_full_.mp3] Download:

Music Mix: Cinco de Mayo 2007 Mixx -> 2

on 2007, Blog, MusicMay 4th

Electronic trance mix to celebrate the festive Cinco de Mayo holiday season. Mixed using 2 direct drive Stanton Str8 30’s, Behringer DJx700 mixer, an iPod, Korg Tritan Extreme keyboard and Ableton Live 5 on a MacBook Pro. [audio:ntho-Cinco-De-Mayo-Mixx-050407mix.mp3] Download:

Video + Music Mix: Same Video, Different Music

on 2006, Blog, Music, VideoAugust 13th

Music makes all the difference when perfecting the mood. To show this, I put together an example music video edited to multiple song clips with different genres and tempos. Which melody fits the video best? Why? These videos are edited to a proprietary pattern of multiple elements that essentially allow this experiential music marketing video […]

Music Mix: CTF Mix

on 2006, Blog, MusicApril 1st

After I got my first pair of turntables I had to practice but was barely any good. 2006 CTF “Live” Mix highlights the best of one of my favorite mixes, Armin Van Buuren’s “An Essential Mix”. [audio:ntho-CTFmix040106.mp3] Download: Disclaimer: This mix was heavily cleaned up using Ableton Live.

Video + Music: “Clubthony” Experiential Marketing Concept Video

on 2005, Blog, Music, VideoFebruary 27th

I felt like the years of late night video editing while listening to electronica were really starting to pay off when I figured out how to edit video to go to any music that you’re listening to. In this experimental video, I’ve used a proprietary pattern of multiple elements that essentially allows this music marketing […]