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Digital Marketing Guide: Mobile Payments | Special: Digital Marketing Guide – Advertising Age

on 2010, 2011, BlogMarch 30th

Shared by anthony The buzz behind Mobile Payments is growing exponentially in 2011 and innovative companies such as Starbucks have started accepting mobile payments in their physical retail locations. This guide explains the basics behind mobile payments to help prepare you for the upcoming onslaught of mobile payment opportunities. Are you already using your mobile phone to pay for merchandise at your favorite places?

RIM Planning To Release BlackBerry Messenger For Android and iPhone

on 2011, BlogMarch 9th

Shared by anthony The group chatting is a cool feature, but do you think BBM will do as well on Android as it has done on Blackberry?

Mini-Promotion Checklist for Online Giveaways

on 2009, Blog, ToolsNovember 5th

A self-hosted mini-promotion can be very beneficial and works great at building and engaging the brand’s social community. For example, if you have a little extra product lying around and want to turn it into a positive image branding campaign that promotes customer appreciation – it is probably not efficient idea to create a full-blown […]

Research: The Best Places to Get Feedback For Your Work (Top list of 35+ Online Feedback Resources)

on 2009, Blog, ToolsAugust 30th

When looking for a few good places to receive designer feedback (and let’s face it, aren’t we all-ways?), I came across several new resources

.xls: List of Flickr Tools & API’s – 2008

on 2008, Blog, ToolsOctober 1st

A compiled excel list of helpful Flickr tools and plugins to share and organize your Flickr photos on social networks & websites. Help update this list on Google Docs at: List of Flickr Tools 2008

.doc: Example At-Will Agreement

on 2008, Blog, ToolsApril 1st

Example At-Will Agreement to be used when hiring employees or long-term freelancers. Example At-Will Agreement

.doc: Example Service Outreach Letter

on 2008, Blog, ToolsFebruary 15th

A simple example letter to be used when extending your services to an individual or company. In this example, we showcase a generic template used when reaching out to new clients in need of online web development, marketing or social networking with Facey Spacey Technologies, LLC. Example Letter to Use When Extending Your Web Development […]

.xls: Craigslist Posting Strategy

on 2008, Blog, ToolsFebruary 7th

Craigslist has certain guidelines and restrictions which prevent people from marketing their services to every Craigslist city. This easy to use excel spreadsheet explains a specific posting strategy to avoid getting in trouble with Craigslist – which day you sent what posting to which city and easily records and tracks your efforts to avoid over […]

.xls: LA Blogsite Analysis for 2008

on 2008, Blog, ToolsFebruary 1st

Best of the best popular blog websites based in or about Hollywood/Los Angeles, California. This blog excel reference guide includes blog descriptions, reader profiles, Quantcast US Monthly Uniques, Compete Rankings, Alexa Rankings and Technorati Rankings. LA Blogsite Analysis 2008

.pdf: Press Kit for Dr. TATTOFF, Laser Tattoo Removal Experts

on 2008, Blog, PortfolioJanuary 15th

Press Kit for Dr. TATTOFF, Laser Tattoo Removal Experts. My responsibilities included organizing and designing the online press articles as well as