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RIM Planning To Release BlackBerry Messenger For Android and iPhone

on 2011, BlogMarch 9th

Shared by anthony The group chatting is a cool feature, but do you think BBM will do as well on Android as it has done on Blackberry?

Digital CPG Blog » Blog Archive » 5 Reasons Why 2011 Will Be All About Mobile Commerce

on 2010, 2011, BlogFebruary 24th

“The idea of turning your mobile smartphone into a mobile wallet is an appealing one. There is no device that spends as much time in our personal proximity than a mobile phone, much more than wallets,” reports Douglas Orr. Here are 5 reasons why mobile will get mainstream adoption this year: 1

Facebook Posts Are 3 Times More Powerful Than Tweets

on 2011, BlogFebruary 19th

Facebook Posts Are 3 Times More Powerful Than Tweets Posted by Jackie Cohen on February 18th, 2011 2:41 PM Share 223 Comments (0) The group buying startup ChompOn has calculated the value of a Facebook posting in driving social shopping — at $14, it’s nearly three times what a Tweet is worth. And likes are worth $8. ChompOn qualifies that its figures underestimate the values and have relevancy only for the company’s next sale of a group buying opportunity — the startup’s deals let clients completely brand the offerings as their own, in contrast to the co-branding strategy of Groupon and others in the space., and features deals on social media